Zaillan Corporation

Zaillan Corporation was established by Hakan J. Erten and Faraneh Akhtari-Erten in October 2007. Primary objectives of the company include Pharmaceuticals, which operated under Teasel's Drug Store in Picton, Ontario till May 2011, and Health and beauty products, mainly from Rosense, produced in Turkey. The corporation will expand in the near future to cover textiles, real estate, brokerage & consultancy, representation and legation of various companies to Canada with exclusive rights. These will be linked to our site as we expand our services.

Hakan John Erten has studied in Corporate Finance at Eastern Michigan University, Michigan, USA. He pursued his carrier as a financial consultant in New York and Chicago in USA plus Ankara and Antalya in Turkey. He has extensive experience in brokerage and consultancy and currently is the president of Zaillan Corporation. His work consists of firm-oriented professional consultancy contracts for international and domestic companies. One of his main focuses is in Fashion including textile.  

Faraneh Akhtari-Erten has obtained her Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy from Hacettepe University in Ankara, Turkey. She was the manager of Teasel's Drug Store until the closing date as well as holding the trustee position at Zaillan Corporation. She is the owner and manager of Zaillan Pharmasave in downtown since August 2012 and has qualifications for various health related issues among them: Diabetes care, Asthma care, Special compounding, Flu shots, educator with University of Toronto's faculty of Pharmacy and mentor to international graduate pharmacists. She is also working towards the certification in Travel Health.

The new pharmacy is located at 55 Regent Park Blvd, Unit # 1005

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